If you have a heart attack, SMHeartCard can save your life.

SmHeartCard holds ASA and Nitroglycerin pills in a stabilizing case that fits in your wallet. Because minutes matter.

SMHeartCard ASA holder Nitroglycerin holder

SMHeartCard convenience

SMHeartCard is only 6mm thin, smaller than a credit card, and fits in your wallet, pocket, or purse.

SMHeartCard technology

SMHeartCard's patented design seals and stabilizes your pills against light, oxygen, moisture, and evaporation.

If you have a heart attack, you'll want SMHeartCard in your pocket!

"We tested SMHeartCard in my pharmaceutics laboratory, and showed emergency cardiac medications keep their stability and performance. This is a practical, innovative solution for an important real-world problem."

– Neal Davies, Professor, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta

“As a family physician, I know my patients needed a better way to carry their nitroglycerin and aspirin. SMHeartCard is the best way I know for my coronary artery disease patients."

– Catherine Horsman, MD CCFP FCFP

"I carry it everywhere because when I or someone with me has a heart attack, SMHeartCard will save a life."

– James Stewart, SMHeartCard Design Engineer

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